The closer you get to discovering why Amanda left, the more you realize that nothing about her is what it seems Hal, Callie, and Nia are more determin. Revealed book. Read 36 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. As the mystery around their missing friend deepened Hall, Callie, and Nia. The Amanda Project: Book 2: Revealed (): Amanda Valentino, Peter Silsbee: Books.

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    The Amanda Project Book 2

    The Amanda Project: Book 2: Revealed by Amanda Valentino Paperback $ Start reading The Amanda Project: Book 1: invisible I on your Kindle in under. Read The Amanda Project: Revealed from the story The Amanda Project Book 2: Revealed by theamandaproject (The Amanda Project) with reads. Hal was completely entranced by Amanda from the moment she set foot in Endeavor, and she shook his world view to its core, re-coloring the way he looked at.

    The Amanda Project - Amanda Valentino will. Of course, sitting in the outer office Monday morning and waiting to be questioned by the police, I could only see his door. Friday when his secretary, Mrs. Leong, the last person to speak to him, had said good night and seven A. Saturday when Mr. Richards had come in to ask him a question about football uniforms and found him lying on the floor of his office, unconscious and bleeding from a blow to the head. The image of Thornhill lying there hemorrhaging made my stomach turn over, and I looked for something to distract me from whatever was behind his office door. Seeing the poster reminded me of the day Amanda had dropped her little bomb that she was about to tell the director, Ms. Super-macho, I know. She was leaning up against a tree wearing a pale green dress with an honest-to-god daisy chain in her hair. She bit her lower lip and considered me for a long minute. Amanda always insisted I was an artist—a great artist. Au contraire.

    Preview — Revealed by Amanda Valentino. Peter Silsbee. As the mystery around their missing friend deepened Hall, Callie, and Nia started www. But after a mysterious attack on someone close to them, their worst fear is confirmed: This is bigger than any of them could have imagined.

    The books can stand alone fr As the mystery around their missing friend deepened Hall, Callie, and Nia started www. The books can stand alone from the website, but readers who want a more interactive experience can join the online community and take part in the story. At www. With regularly updated content by and about the characters, and the chance to have an impact on the story itself, online members will be eager to check back often.

    The Amanda Project is more than a new series plus a website — The Amanda Project is the evolution of fiction for girls. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages.

    Published June 7th by HarperTeen first published April 21st More Details Original Title. The Amanda Project 2. Other Editions 7.

    The Amanda Project, Book 2: Revealed : Amanda Valentino :

    Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Revealed , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

    View 1 comment. This book was mainly about hall trying to find out what had happened with Amanda and how the story went from his point of view. A box was given to Hal because that was one of clues that he was receiving from this one person that was leading him to where Amanda Could be. I really did like this book and I am on planning on reading the 3rd book because I want to know where Amanda is at or who has her. Not having read book one, and never hearing of TheAmandaProject.

    Note to future readers - read book one first! A story of a few teenage friends, not the most popular in school, looking for their missing friend, Amanda. In an effort to try to locate their friend, they create a website, www. In addition to the strange disappearance of Amanda, other strange things begin Not having read book one, and never hearing of TheAmandaProject.

    In addition to the strange disappearance of Amanda, other strange things begin to happen. The vice-principal of their school is attacked and ends up in the hospital. The more they try to do to find Amanda, the more mysterious and confusing things get. Who is Amanda, really?

    Will they find her? Read the series and find out. Feb 03, Mariana rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 08, Mari rated it it was amazing. It was incredibly full of mystery and plot twists, I seriously got lost at some point.

    Jul 31, Elena rated it liked it. I read the first of The Amanda Project series and fell in love. The story of the first mixed the right amount of mystery and sleuthing. It was an overall joy to read the first book, but I have mixed emotions about the sequel.

    My first issue is there are way to many plot holes. So many different questions are brought up that it feels like majority of them may never end up being solved. Alongside that, little to no questions are being answered in this book. I had so many questions from the first a I read the first of The Amanda Project series and fell in love. I had so many questions from the first and am left with only more questions.

    It isn't in the appetizing way where I need to read more to solve it, but in a way where I don't even want to read more because I'm left confused and disinterested. Additionally, the characters are quite flat and static that I get easily bored and tired of them. Though, my love for the first of the series left me with not a complete distaste of the story. I am not sure if I will be continuing this series.

    Jul 13, Cecily Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: It took me a minute to remember the first book as its been a minute since I have read it but I quickly had it all coming back to me and I was sucked back into the story.

    I am so frustrated that I won't be able to immediately get the third one. Definitely a mystery that leaves me with more questions than answers at this point. Decent Read! La historia te atrapa y ya no puedes soltar el libro. Este libro se puso mucho mejor.

    Mar 06, Wonder Zuu added it. No me ha terminado de gustar. Esta interesante, pero la historia avanza muy poco a poco. Aug 31, Angela rated it really liked it. I received this book through a Library Thing member giveaway and, with little background information on the series, I was not quite sure what to expect. I had never before heard of The Amanda Project, although I recognized the covers from the bookstore, and found myself wholly engrossed in the story.

    Coming into a story a bit late, like I did here in book two, can sometimes leave the reader feeling lost, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was not. Instead, I felt like I understood what had ha I received this book through a Library Thing member giveaway and, with little background information on the series, I was not quite sure what to expect. Instead, I felt like I understood what had happened in the first book without extensive recapping by the author.

    I have long since been a fan of young adult mysteries, and I felt that this book adequately captures the teenagers' emotions when faced with a serious situation--here that their friend is missing.

    The writer also does a good job at relaying the usual trials and tribulations of being in high school, which could easily have been under-written when the focus of Revealed is to further dive into the mystery of Amanda. I truly enjoyed this book and found it to be suspenseful with smart, yet unpredictable twists and turns.

    I may have not known what The Amanda Project was when I started this book, but I certainly will be following the rest of the series. Apr 26, Paula Phillips rated it it was amazing.

    In Book 1 we read Callie's story of events and now in Book 2 as the threesome of Callie , Hal and Nia get closer in their search for Amanda, we readers have Hal's story starting with how Hal came to meet Amanda , their friendship spanning their morning exercises and we even catch glimpses of Hal and Callie's friendship from when they were younger. Amanda always insisted I was an artist—a great artist.

    Au contraire. She smiled at me, her enormous gray-green eyes crinkling at the corners. You look like something out of Greek mythology in that.

    I gestured to show I meant more than the dress, that I was including the daisy chain and the sandled feet, even the tree she was leaning against. I love the Greek gods. They were cool for sure.

    The Amanda Project

    But could you love them? Amanda continued, swinging her arms around as we walked. Those jealous rages. Those desperate disguises. Stopping, she placed her hands on the sides of her face. Now you see them. She covered her eyes with her long, tapered fingers. We started walking again, the slight crunch of our feet on fallen leaves the only sound in the early morning quiet. Amanda inhaled the cold, misty air, held her breath for a second, then exhaled.

    She finally shivered in the cold.

    Garners of the world? They are always looking for an excuse to go crazy. I knew what she meant. I hardly knew Ms. Her eyes had literally welled up, and I found myself patting her shoulder gently, like my sketches were a piece of bad news I had to help her through.

    Still, Ms. I stopped walking and turned to face her. Why change your mind, Amanda? Why not star in the play? In my life. That our friendship had an expiration date. I fear theater just is not my art form of choice, Hal.

    The Amanda Project: invisible i

    She kept her eyes locked on mine for another beat. Life, she answered. She stepped back, away from me. Race you, she called over her shoulder. I shook my head, trying to clear Amanda from my thoughts. I needed to focus. It was that there were too many reasons. Like the fact that a week before Thornhill was found in his office, Callie Leary, Nia Rivera, and I had broken into his office while serving detention, looking for clues as to how he was so positive Amanda Valentino vandalized his car and framed us for it.

    She had. For the first time in my life, I understood why people said that something that was clearly really, really stupid in retrospect had seemed like a good idea at the time. Because what had felt logical—necessary even—just two days ago, seemed pretty dimwitted now that I was sitting and waiting to be questioned by the law. My heart sank; there was no denying that her arrival was a bad sign.

    Had we left fingerprints in the car? Only everywhere. She smiled at me and made her way over to the empty chair next to mine.

    I wondered if her having curly hair instead of blown- out perfection had something to do with her not being friends with Heidi Bragg and company anymore or if it was just a temporary change. Either way, there was no denying how pretty Callie looked. Hey, I said as she slid into the seat next to mine.

    Hey, she said. Our voices were low even though Mrs.

    What, you mean our having committed a couple of break-ins together and now being hauled in by the police? I bent down and pretended to tie my shoe in case the other secretary who sat across the office was watching us.

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