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    Atlas Yokochi Pdf

    Prepare for the dissection lab and operating room with Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas, 8e. Featuring outstanding full-color photographs of actual cadaver. Views .. Atlas de Anatomia Humana Netter 6a · Atlas-de-anatomia. Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas Johannes Chihiro Yokochi Elke Lütjen- Drecoll Eighth Edition Coeditions in 20 Languages Johannes.

    Johannes W. Superficie exocraneana de la base d. Nervios craneales: Nervios y vasos del cuero cabelludo. Hemisferio cerebral Izquierdo vist. Corte horizontal de la cabeza en el. Corte horizontal de la cabeza. Hueso temporal derecho vista later. Molde dvl laberinto derecho vista. Tabique nasal recuhierto de mucosa. Fosas nasales y senos paranasales C. Nervios de la pared lateral de las. Cavidad bucal y fosas nasales I Cor. Corle mcdiosagital de la cabeza y c.

    In this edition, a number of MRI scans have been added that have been taken in a plane of the related anatomical section. In addition, functional MRI scans of the heart and the related anatomical preparations are included, hopefully increasing the importance of the atlas for clinical purposes.

    While preparing this new edition, the authors were reminded of how precisely, beautifully, and admirably the human body is constructed. If this book helps the student or physician to appre- ciate the overwhelming beauty of the anatomical architecture of these tissues and organs, then it greatly fulfills its task. Erlangen, Germany; Spring J. Rohen C. Yokochi E. Conse- quently, the advent of a new work requires justification. We found three main reasons to undertake the publication of such a book.

    First of all, most of the previous atlases contain mainly schematic or semischematic drawings, which often reflect reality only in a limited way; the third dimension, i. Thus he has the advantage of immediate orientation by photographic specimens while working with the cadaver.

    Secondly, some of the existing atlases are classified by sys- temic rather than regional aspects. As a result, the student needs several books each supplying the necessary facts for a certain region of the body. The present atlas, however, tries to portray macroscopic anatomy with regard to the regional and stratigraphic aspects of the object itself as realistically as possible.

    Hence it is an immediate help during the dissection courses in the study of medical and dental anatomy. Another intention of the authors was to limit the subject to the essential and to offer it didactically in a way that is self-explana- tory. To all regions of the body we added schematic drawings of the main tributaries of nerves and vessels, of the course and mechanism of the muscles, of the nomenclature of the various regions, etc.

    This will enhance the understanding of the details seen in the photographs. The complicated architecture of the skull bones, for example, was not presented in a descriptive way, but rather through a series of figures revealing the mosaic of bones by adding one bone to another, so that ultimately the composition of skull bones can be more easily understood.

    Finally, the authors also considered the present situation in medical education. On one hand there is a universal lack of cadavers in many departments of anatomy, while on the other hand there has been a considerable increase in the number of students almost everywhere. As a consequence, students do not have access to sufficient illustrative material for their anatomic studies.

    Of course, photos can never replace the immediate observation, but we think the use of a macroscopic photo instead of a painted, mostly idealized picture is more appropriate and is an improvement in anatomic study over drawings alone. The majority of the specimens depicted in the atlas were pre- pared by the authors either in the Dept.

    The specimens of the chapter on the neck and those of the spinal cord demonstrating the dorsal branches of the spinal nerves were prepared by Dr. Schmidt with great skill and enthusiasm. The specimens of the ligaments of the vertebral column were prepared by Dr. Mokrusch, and a great number of specimens in the chapter of the upper and lower limb was very carefully prepared by Dr. Nagashima, Kurume, Japan. Once again, our warmest thanks go out to all of our coworkers for their unselfish, devoted and highly qualified work.

    Chung, Ph. We are particularly indebted to those who dissected new specimens with great skill and knowledge, particularly to Jeff Bryant member of our staff and Dr. We would also like to thank Dr. Okamoto now Nagasaki, Japan , who dissected many excellent specimens of the fourth edition, also included in the fifth edition.

    Furthermore, we are greatly indebted to Prof. Neuhuber and his coworkers for their great efforts in supporting our work. The specimens of the previous editions also depicted in this volume were dissected with great skill and enthusiasm by Prof. Nagashima now Nagasaki, Japan , Dr. Mutsuko Takahashi now Tokyo, Japan , Dr. We are greatly indebted to Prof.

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    Kyung Won Chung, Ph. Acknowledgements We would also like to express our many thanks to Prof. We are also greatly indebted to Mr.

    Finally, we would like to express our great gratitude to our photographer, Mr. Excellent and untiring work was done by our secretaries, Mrs. Annette Gack, who not only performed excellent new drawings but revised effectively the layout of the new edition. Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all scientists, students, and other coworkers, particularly to the ones at the publishing companies themselves. Erlangen, Germany; Spring J. Rohen C. Yokochi E. Each chapter is provided with an introductory front page to give an overview of the topics of the chapter and short descriptions.

    Furthermore, the drawings were revised and improved in many chapters and depicted more consistently. In most of the chapters new photographs taken from newly dissected specimens were incorporated. The general structure and arrangement of the Atlas were maintained.

    The chapters of regional anatomy are consequently placed behind the systematic descriptions of the anatomical structures so that students can study — e.

    En la. Corte sagital a la derec. Cara profunda de la pared anterior. Se li. Pared posterior del abdomen: Corle sagital de las cavidades tor. Esquema de las principales ramas de.

    Corle sagilal de una pelvis masculi.

    Corte frontal de la cavidad pelvian. Vasos de la cavidad pelviana en el. Aneurisma de la aorta abdominal, de.

    Regiones anal y urogenital masculin. Esqueleto de l. Esqueleto de la mana y antebrazo de. Esquema de los principales rumos de.

    Regiones posterior del brazo Regio. Plexo braquial vista anterior. Vasos y nervios del antebrazo derec. Fosa cubital Fossa cubiialis. Vasos y nervios del antebrazo y de. Mano derecha, capa media Kara palma.

    Miembro [extremidad] inferior Memb. Hueso coxal derecho Os coxae vis.

    Atlas Fotográfico de Anatomia Humana - Yokochi 7ª Edição

    Arterias de la pierna derecha vist. Venas superficiales de la pierna i. Nervios del miembro inferior, lado. Pierna derecha. Venus y nervios del. Dorso del pie derecho, plano medio.

    atlas fotografico de anatomia del cuerpo humano - yokochi.pdf

    Corle transversal de la articulaci. Planta del pie derecho, capa media. Ligamento s arqueado lateral, Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Rohen C.

    Rohen J.W., Yokochi C. Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas [PDF] - Все для студента

    Yokochi E. L [ Johannes W. Rohen I bib Chih Page 7 and 8: Page 11 and Corle sagital del cuerpo humano i m Page 19 and Page 23 and Estructura general de una articulac Page 27 and Lincas transversas i flechas! Hueso Page 29 and Mitad izquierda do la pelvis vista Page 33 and Esquema con la localization de las Page 35 and La posici Page 37 and Huesos esfenoides. Superficie endocraneana de la base Page 51 and

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