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Empire of the Moghul: Brothers at War: Brothers at War (Empire of the Moghul Series Book 2) eBook: Alex Rutherford: inevazablu.ml: Kindle Store. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alex Rutherford is Diana Preston and her husband Advanced Search · Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction . Read "Empire of the Moghul: Brothers at War Brothers at War" by Alex Rutherford available from Rakuten Kobo. The second enthralling installment in Alex.

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Empire Of The Moghul Brothers At War Ebook

Empire of the Moghul: Brothers at War by Alex Rutherford Creative Power: Transforming Ourselves, Our Organizations, and Our World ebook. EXCITING TV SERIES IN PRODUCTION **The second enthralling installment in Alex Rutherford's Empire of the Moghul series. , Agra. 'Brothers at War' is the second instalment in the 'Empire of the Moghul' series by Alex Rutherford. It tells the story of the second Moghul Emperor, Humayun.

Apr 27, Arun Divakar rated it liked it The first tentative grapple hooks of the Mughal empire placed on Indian soil get an almighty shake in the second installment of this series. Babur put down the light green flag of the Mughals in Delhi and left it to his son and heir, Humayun to strengthen and enlarge the empire. While he was the son of his father in matters of warfare, Humayun slowly sank into the complacency of being a ruler and paid the ultimate prize for it. He not only had to deal with an enemy in the form of Sher Shah who l The first tentative grapple hooks of the Mughal empire placed on Indian soil get an almighty shake in the second installment of this series. He not only had to deal with an enemy in the form of Sher Shah who led a revolt against the Mughals from Bengal but also had snakes in the grass in the form of his three siblings.

We've always been fascinated by Scott and his expedition. We were on this tiny Russian ship when a sudden storm blew up, giving us a first hand account of how dangerous and capricious Nature could be. The life rafts blew off, the wind was blowing at km, ice was forming all over, we couldn't open the door to our cabin… I could almost see that little notice in The Times about being lost at sea… Another time in Panama, for A Pirate of Exquisite Mind, we had to avoid the FARC guerrillas, the deadly fer de lance snake and spiders — as an aside and I just can't cope with spiders — to cross the Isthmus.

Just like Dampier, we had to take the help of the Indian tribes to get to safety. In comparison, we've not faced anything more dramatic than a cancelled flight or train in India. The Archaeological Survey of India was very helpful. People there gave us terrific insights into what we hadn't known before, sent faxes and messages to our various questions, told us about the excavations at Burhanpur where Mumtaz Mahal died … The other major source was the Bodleian Indian Institute Library at Oxford.

Since we live in London, much of our paper work was done there.

Brothers at War

Reactions to the series It's been amazing, we're very delighted. We got a page letter from a professor in Mumbai on what he thought of the first book; giving us more information on some points… the general reaction has been to empathise with the characters. Writerly inspirations Thoughtfully Hard to say, I wouldn't say there's any one influence.

I am a novel reader; Mike's more into history, especially military history… he writes the battle scenes.

Download torrent Empire of the Moghul: Brothers at War

I used to love Jean Plaidy and her historical novels. Both of us like Mary Renault but no… no specific influences. What's next? Well… this will keep us going for another years; we're still deep in this. We'd like to think that Alex will live on after this series.

Of course, our series stops with Shah Jahan, but we've been reading up on what comes after so that may suggest some ideas… We're still not at the stage of identifying what comes next. Rushdie and the Baburnama Sometimes historical research leads to unexpected difficulties and dilemmas.

Several years ago we were about to cross the border from Armenia into Iran where we wanted to explore the artistic and culture influences of Persia on the Moghul empire.

Several miles from the border we suddenly realised that in our suitcase was a translation of the Baburnama endorsed on the front and back covers and on the spine by Salman Rushdie and also containing a foreword by him. Fearing the book would be confiscated or we might be turned back, we felt we had no option but to rip out all such references. We found 8 results. Alex Rutherford: Sort By: Filter Sort. Sorted By: Top Matches.

Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne by Alex Rutherford.

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Agra, India, Jahangir, the triumphant Moghul Emperor and ruler of most of the Indian subcontinent, is doomed. No amount…. Empire Of The Moghul: Brothers At War by Alex Rutherford.

Out of stock online Not available in stores. The second enthralling installment in Alex Rutherford's Empire of the Moghul series. Humayun, the newly-crowned second Moghul Emperor, is a fortunate man.

Brothers At War

His father, Babur, has bequeathed him wealth, glory and an empire which…. Traitors in the Shadows by Alex Rutherford. A new emperor, Aurangzeb, sits on India's glittering Peacock Throne - the throne he seized from his father while the old emperor still lived.

He has paid for it with blood: Now he must return the…. The Serpent's Tooth by Alex Rutherford.

Yet to gain his throne he has followed the savage 'throne or coffin' traditions of his ancestors - descendants of Genghis Khan…. Paperback sold out. Hardcover sold out. Ruler of the World by Alex Rutherford.

The story of the third great Moghul Emperor, Akbar, leader of a triumphant dynasty which contained the seeds of its own destruction. Akbar, ruler of a sixth of the world's…. Brothers at War:

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