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This is a PDF downloadable title. Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths. Shadows of Esteren - Book 1 Universe - Shadows of Esteren is a medieval Watermarked PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (10 ratings). Shadows of Esteren - - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File in your hands “Book 1–Universe”. the first book of the Shadows of Esteren.

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Shadows Of Esteren Book 1 Pdf

PDF - Shadows of Esteren Book 1: Universe. Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from. This book is a supplement of the Shadows of Esteren series intended for game While only Book 1 is required to play, it only reveals all of its depth with its. (for books stamped and numbered from 1 to , with a special cover and for minis numbered . Tuath is the fourth release of the Shadows of Esteren series.

Although Esteren is a harsh world, the depths of which hide unfathomable secrets, it does not imply the Characters embodied by the Players are doomed to perish; their survival, and above all, their success, will depend on their ingenuity and bravery. The advancement of the Characters, symbolized by an experience system, gives the Players a great liberty and many development possibilities. Complete player aids, proposed on page of this book, will also help Leaders and Players to define the place of the Characters in the universe of Esteren. Cross-media From the start, Esteren has been conceived to exist simultaneously on several media, which echo one another. Role-playing holds an important place in this desire to present the reader with a rich interactive experience; it makes it possible to enter the universe of Esteren and to play various Characters for unique adventures. Other media have been designed to complement such an experience, namely: Of Men and Obscurities. The original soundtrack of Esteren's universe, whose first opus was composed by Delphine Bois, will introduce you to a mysterious atmosphere, sometimes delicate, sometimes unsettling. You can hear samples on www.

Let's explore stranges places: Here are stretch goals achieved. Pledges for Retailers Only for qualified retailers. Please contact shadowsofesteren gmail. For this Kickstarter campaign, we propose you several options, which vary according to the pledge taken. To get these options, simply add the required sum.

You do NOT need to send us a message. Note that you can take several options. After the Kickstarter is finished, we will ask the backers for what extras they have pledged in the backer survey we will send out. As always, if you have any questions, ask away! Each pledge offers several options.

This option allows you to get the PDF of Book 0 Prologue right now, without having to wait for the end of the Kickstarter campaign. To subscribe to this option, please go to the website of Studio 2 and and download the PDF on their online store by clicking here. This special offer will only last for the Kickstarter campaign and is open to all. This option is available for all the pledges. If your pledge includes items that will be delivered in March , by choosing this option, you will get one copy of Book 0 — Prologue Standard edition in December For a delivery in the U.

Sorry for that! If you want to receive a copy of the Standard edition of Book 0 Prologue in December, and you live in the U. This option can be selected for all the pledges. Here are the others options: Option 3 — Add a Standard copy of Book 0 — Prologue to your pledge variable cost. Option 4 — Add a Standard copy of Book 1 — Universe to your pledge variable cost. We would like to warn you because if you take this option, the date of delivery for Varigal rewards will not be December , but March except PDF rewards.

This option is automatically included without any additional fee for the following pledges: High Seol Patron and Lords of Shadows as well as Lords of Shadows of the previous Kickstarter! Instead of your standard edition of Book 0 Prologue, you will receive a Kickstarter Special Edition of Book 0 Prologue but take into account that the date of delivery will not be December , but March for all your rewards except PDF rewards.

As above, please take into account that the date of delivery will not be December , but March for all your rewards except PDF rewards. To have more info about this special option, you can click here. Now, here are more details about what each item corresponds to: Book 1 — Universe.

This Kickstarter is also the opportunity to get Shadows of Esteren's core book hardcover, pages full color book and the latest copies of the limited edition. It gives a subjective description of the peninsula of Tri-Kazel, from the point of view of its inhabitants. It also includes the complete game system.

Shadows of Esteren - Universe.pdf

There are still copies of the limited edition initial print run of Map of Tri-Kazel. A large map displaying the peninsula of Tri-Kazel on the front, and a plan of the capital city Osta-Baille on the back Clues. Clues are documents summing up what the PCs will gather through the scenarios proposed in Book 0 Prologue: map, plan, letter, etc. With the stretch goal "Fearil", the number of printed clues has been increased. With the stretch goal "Expiation", the clues come in a special folder.

Pre-made Characters. We have designed abridged versions of the pre-made characters, which fit on one page and are perfect for an initiation to Shadows of Esteren. With the strech goal "Expiation", pre-made characters comes in a special folder: Set of Character Sheets.

These four-section character sheets have been designed and printed thanks to the first Kickstarter. We are proposing you the last ones. Each set contains 6 character sheets: Leader Screen. Yes, my lord. There are your documents. He pointed to a thick file of parchments squeezed between two leather covers.

As far as Doern remembered, his master had always collected all sorts of documents, manuscripts, and sketches that he had often paid a fortune for, or that some passing bards had offered him. They dealt with various subjects; with the peninsulas different regions, but also with trading or crafts.

Among those documents were a few letters sent to him by faraway family members.

Other books: PFRS 2013 PDF

For many months after the grim disappearance of his wife and descendants, Wylard had completely left his collection aside. However, for some time, it seemed his passion for his old manuscripts burned anew, his research focusing on the acquisition of documents related to Feondas.

Regularly, he would read them entirely once more, taking notes feverishly and comparing them again and again. Wylard held out his hand and Doern brought him the file.

The old lord untied the laces that held the leather covers together and took out the first parchment. He began to read furiously, poring over the lines written in red ink which he knew by heart Again, he read until dawn, when he fell into a nightmarish sleep. Afterwards, he resumed reading, scarcely taking time for a few sips of the brandy Doern had brought him.

When he was done with all of the parchments, late at night, Wylard drew a long sigh. He had spent a small fortune to obtain new documents depicting a roughly accurate panorama of Tri-Kazels history and of its current state. Tensions were clearly visible between the kingdoms of Taol-Kaer, Gwidre, and Reizh, founded nearly a thousand years ago by three brothers who, at the time, yearned to federate the bellicose clans occupying its whole territory.

Taol-Kaer had kept strong ties with the ancient Demorthn traditions. On the contrary, Reizh hadat least partiallyadopted the so-called progressive ideas of the Magientists, those strange inventors from the Continent.

As for Gwidre, it had appointed the One God dogma as the official faith. That was the origin of the infamous War of the Temple, the aftermath of which could still be strongly felt, even today. Gwidre had invested itself with the holy mission of imposing Soustraines religion everywhere in Tri-Kazel, and the alliance of Taol-Kaer and Reizh had barely prevented it from doing so.

Today, both the landscape and the mentalities of the people bore the stigmas of that conflict.

Much more interesting than this detailed panorama of the peninsula were the numerous passages about the Feondas. Indeed, those terrifying creatures that had destroyed his life and those of thousands of men and women were widely dealt with in the various texts.

And he had noticed unknown details that he had hastily underlined with excited strokes of the pen, details that might allow him to enact his vengeance Not yet Doern!

Shadows of Esteren Book 1: Universe (AGA10001) by Nelyhann

But it should not take long. He paused, staring at the parchments for a while, then resumed. Feondas have nothing in common with us. They may take our appearance or physically look like us, but they do not think like us. They follow goals we do not know and probably cannot even imagine. They can strike anytime, without any apparent reason, spreading death and destruction among our families like that, just like that just like glancing at someone.

Shadows Of Esteren Book 1 Pdf 26golkes by righsuchentio - Issuu

Wylard gave a sinister laugh, already imagining the first steps of his plan. However, do not neglect the other subjects, Doern, for they will tell you much about our peninsula. The knowledge they contain will allow you to deal adequately with some seemingly unimportant clues. As you know, I have spent many years gathering these documents, and some of them are invaluable. I have also kept some personal letters that will help you. Doern, he suddenly called, his voice producing strangely deformed echoes against the darkened vault.

My lord? Come here. The servant obeyed straightaway, his gait uneasy, his eyes carrying the burden of an uncomfortable night. Doern, I read all of these texts with great interest.

Shadows of Esteren – TWO offers

I know very well that each of them reflects but a part of the truth. They are not about facts, but opinions and sometimes imperfect knowledge. However, they show our peninsula as it is in its inhabitants hearts. Each one defends his piece of certitudes and beliefs almost as fiercely as a wolf defends its territory. Maybe we are all but living at deaths door?

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